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FOREIGN TRAVEL ADVICE (Vietnam): personal safety, the fact we must know; Vietnam is the 43rd safest country in the world...

Vietnam is a relatively safe country for visitors, including solo female travellers. In fact, given the country’s recent history, many tourists, particularly Americans, are pleasantly surprised at the warm reception that foreign travellers receive. That said, petty crime is on the rise – though it’s still relatively small-scale and shouldn’t be a problem if you take common-sense precautions. Generally, the hassles you’ll encounter will be the milder sort of coping with pushy vendors and over-enthusiastic touts and beggars. At street level it’s best not to be ostentatious:  forego eye-catching jewellery and flashy watches, try to be discreet when taking out your cash, and be particularly wary in crowds and on public transport. If your pack is on the top of the bus, make sure it’s attached securely (usually everything is tied down with ropes) and keep an eye on it during the most vulnerable times – before departure, at meal stops and on arrival at your destination. On trains, eithe