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THE IMPRESSIVE LADY BUDDHA (Center Vietnam): It's the Vietnam's largest Buddha statue depicts a female sage, Stunning beach views and a giant Lady Buddha...

There’s something different about Vietnam's  tallest Buddha statue. It isn’t your typical male Buddha effigy—this enormous structure depicts a woman. Buddhists the world over have built plenty of tall statues of Buddha. But “Buddha” does not just mean the man born Siddhartha Gautama. “Buddha” also means “Enlightened One,” and there’s no reason why a great sage can’t be a woman. The Linh Ung Pagoda , just outside  Da Nang , Vietnam, decided to build the world’s largest statue of an indisputably feminine Buddha. The resulting Lady Buddha towers 220 feet (67 meters) tall and is perched atop of a lotus-shaped temple. Be careful, book before because the pagoda is a bit over six miles (10 kilometers) from downtown. The statue has 17 floors, with each floor dedicated to a different Buddha. Though the multi-level trek is tough, it’s worth it for the spectacular views of the city. There’s more to see at the temple in addition to the Buddha. The grounds display an impressi